About Us

We have major buyers and supply our food product in high margin in Singapore. Our supply increase and decrease according to the demand of buyers and consumers. We appreciate our suppliers who have been with us all the while even in our tough times and encouraged us from beginning till today. We are very thankful to our dearest customers who consume our products and encouraged us to do the business more eagerly.

We are thankful to our workers who appreciate and value their work time and give us good production without fail and of course without complaints. Our workers give their full support in the time of demand such as festival seasons without fail. They never neglect the demand of supply..” Bravo” to our workers.



Our Organization


: Dato' Sivakumaran Munusamy

Production Director  

: En. Vadivelan Krishnan

Financial Director

: En. Jegathesveran Gospal


: En. Ramesh Narayanan


: Pn. Aminah Binti Mahad



We Manufacture Indian Instant Foods : 

  • Puttu Mayam
  • Puttu Mayam Ragi
  • Puttu Bamboo
  • Chapati
  • Idli
  • Pidi Kolkatai
  • Mothagum
  • Nasi Lemak Bungkus
  • Roti Prata